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"Amisha's a rockstar copywriter"

I hired her to write a sales page for one of our affiliate  launches. We ended up in 4th place in the entire contest amongst big names like Michael 
Hyatt and Todd Herman.

Long form sales pages work provided the copy is good. A long sales page with meh copy is
painful to read."

Julie Christine Stoian
Co-Founder of Funnel Gorgeous

Gawk (and gasp) at these sales pages that generated 4 & 5 figures (one did 6) within the first week of going live…


Live Launch Revenue:
The Integrated Life surpassed it's 12-month enrollment goal in ONE WEEK - after this sales page went live.  
Headshot Posing Guide
Evergreen Revenue:
This small but mighty low-ticket offer of $27 netted $6k in 3 weeks!
No Filter Necessary Makeup Course
Evergreen Revenue: 

This sales page made $11k in two weeks when it first launched. It's an evergreen digital offer priced at $27.
WP Rockstar
Evergreen Revenue: 

This beauty launched on a Black Friday weekend and made $10k in sales. It runs as an evergreen product slashing sales goals every month!
The Wholesale Academy

This high-ticket digital course priced at $1,997 welcomed more than 400 students in a week!

Live Launch Revenue: $830,000


In various niches such as...

  • Catholic Therapy
  • Photography
  • ​Makeup application
  • Wordpress website coding
  • Amazon wholesale

With offers priced as low as $27 and as high as $1,997

And most importantly, how none of them regurgitated copy you’ll find in a “downloaded by 1000
course creators” fill-in-the-blanks sales page guide. 

Wanna know their secret? Push your chin back in place so your mouth's closed, and I'll show you...
This could be you.

This could be your offer. Bought and raved about by your ideal customers...because of….

Your words. But not just any words.

Words that convert and make moolah. Words that fund your next business investment... or the Airbnb cabin in Lake Tahoe…..or that monthly artisan wine subscription you’ve been eyeing
"Ummm, no thanks...I’m
just going to use a sales
page template!"

Now it's my turn to gawk and gasp. But I completely get it.

Writing a sales page from scratch is daunting.

It takes professional copywriters 10,000 hours (and more) to master sales page copy…

You don’t have 10,000 hours….

You don’t even have a week….

You’ve got launch deadlines. Relentless Trello board notifications. And an expanding waistline due to stress-eating Twix bars.

No wonder you want a miracle cure a.k.a a one-size-fits-all sales page template.
The Oversized Problem Is, You're Not the Only One Who's Using  Them...
In fact, a huge majority of online marketers download sales page templates, follow the same fill-in-the-blanks examples, or get “inspired” by copy an influencer’s sales page.

The result?

Sales Pages that look and  read like your 

competitors... available on every

virtual  corner of the Internet.


I'm not knocking templates and swipes.   

But if you're simply copying, pasting, filling in the blanks to write yours - it's gonna

Lack originality & connection...

Miss opportunities for persuasion...

And it'll get you subpar results

Here's The Nitty Gritty Deal...

  • If you don’t want to risk getting slapped with a ‘cease and desist’ notice because Janice the dog trainer thinks you stole her copy...
  • If you don’t have time to study the classics and little inclination to take a full fledged copywriting course...
  • If you don’t have the financial bandwidth to hire a copy pro and negotiate royalty agreements for something that doesn’t exist yet...
Q:HOW do you ensure YOUR Sales Page Stands Out & Profits In a Red Sea of Sales Pages?"
A: Easy. 3 ways.
  • Strong beginnings: The first 100 words (or less) determine whether your reader stays or goes.
  • Proven frameworks: Backbone of a high-converting sales page depends on frameworks 
  • An original “voice”: Whether your sales page has 100 or 1,000 words, they should reflect YOUR original voice - it'll connect deeper with your prospects and get you those hard to get conversions.
Today, I want to show you how you can use all 3…

So you can write a unique, badass sales page from that first line of copy to the very last word...

....and 10x your sales page ROI ….like it did for my private clients…

“Wait a sec….Who ARE you?”

Pleased to meet ya! 

I’m Amisha Shrimanker...

Conversion Copywriter & Founder of The Copy Crew.
While I profusely lack design skills and glamorous headshots - I make up for my shortcomings in other ways…. writing personality-based copy for high-converting sales pages that regularly generate 4, 5, and 6-figures for my clients within the first week of going live.
 So it's safe to say...I know a thing (or 20) when it comes to writing sales copy that gets buyers to click (the good clicks - not the X on their chrome tabs!)

“Amisha made my sales pages sing AND sound  like I wrote them!”
"My funnel grossed over $6K for a $27 product in just 3 weeks"
Erin Blackwell Brannan
That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to...

The ROI Sale$ Page

Write a sales page that’s unique AF, makes you bank & your competitors
wish they wrote it


The marketing B.S.
The "copy cat" copy
The “downloaded by 1000 course creators” generic sales page templates

Here’s how this training unfolds like a swan napkin at a fancy steakhouse...

AKA What’s Included
Workshop 1/ The 7 ROI Ingredients 
The secret of a high-converting sales page isn't just the copy - but it’s nailing non-copy fundamentals that make the difference between launches that have you saying: “drinks on me” or drinking solo in the afternoons to calm the PTSD.
Get this right and your sales page will sizzle like chocolate sauce on a warm brownie!

  • The Big 7 for a compelling sales message so your conversions are a sure bet
  • Knowing when to use ​long copy vs. short copy to persuade your audience 
  • ​The ONE question you must ask if you want to stand out in a saturated market with your sales copy 
Workshop 2/ The ROI Game Plan
It’s time to get into action - but before you charge to the battlefield and face your opponent (aka your blank G-doc), it pays to understand the fight plan so you suffer minimal injuries to your creative headspace and momentum.
  • The 3 sections of a high-converting sales page (and the order to work ‘em)
  • How to make a dent on your blank Google doc with the Golden Ratio 80:20 to instantly eradicate the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome
  • ​What most copywriters get wrong when they add “personality” on a sales page (and how to avoid this mistake)
Workshop 3/ How To Write: The Finale
Begin with the end. Write the most logical section of the sales page with clarity, & persuasion, nudging even the most skeptical reader towards the (buy) button with ease. 
  • How to write benefit-driven and clear-offer descriptions that inspire the reader’s trust
  • The simple sentence that 10x-es the value of ANY sale page and makes it a no-brainer purchase. (yes, please!)
  • The underused, overlooked, and redundant “if-you’re-not-satisfied” guarantee that gets a complete makeover AND triggers button clicks
  • ​The 5 winning sales closes that persuade your readers without arm twisting, faking scarcity, and using high-pressure tactics
Workshop 4/ How To Write: The Hero
The most prime steak real estate of a sales page: The Hero. Learn how to write less than 100 words of copy that will excite, persuade, and evoke curiosity.
  • Position your copy to a hyper-targeted audience who can’t help but read beyond the headline
  • How to use buyer psychology to frame your opening copy with 4 proven frameworks
  • The single statement that works as a double edged sword; makes copy easy breezy to read and compels your reader to read.every.line
Workshop 5/ How To Write: The Body
In this final workshop, you’ll learn how to continue the conversation with your reader using a solid sales copy framework so you don’t go astray or worse, wait until inspiration strikes.
  • The framework that takes curious readers to committed (lifelong) customers
  • The exact questions to answer in your copy so you smash objections and position your authority
  • How to transition to selling your offer without sounding like a snake oil salesman
  • ​The 4 must-have testimonials that insta-credentialize you so your prospects take you more seriously

📣(In my best infomercial impersonation):📣

“But that’s not all!”

Add dollops of whipped cream to take your sales page from ho-hum to so YUM

AKA the Bonuses
Pump It Up With Personality
News Flash: It's 2020. Not 1920. Your readers don't want clickbait, FOMO, and b-o-r-i-n-g copy. Use these 20 personality hacks to  show off your swagger & keep your readers awake.

In this bonus, I share 20 tips you can use to punch up your sales page copy, including:
  • How to entice your readers to *read* images
  • How create pattern interrupts on sales pages
  • ​How foreign phrases can add interest to your copy (without repelling customers)
The ROI Sales Page Playbook
The Get-It-Done accompaniment to the video workshops. 
This 158-page PDF, fillable & click-anywhere playbook is dedicated to help you
 crank out a high-converting sales page within 48 hours.
  • Write each section of your sales page from scratch using more than 30 writing prompts
  • ​Or jazz up a low performing, passive set of copy pixels into conversion gold 
  • Plus, countless examples from real sales pages to take your sales page from meh to mind blowing awesome
Optimize Your Copy with Google Analytics with Jennifer Grayeb
Jennifer Grayeb is an online business strategist (a.k.a data genius) who'll show you how to optimize your sales copy using GA.  You don't need specialized training or GA mastery to do this. In this video tutorial, learn the 5 key things you absolutely should 
pay attention to optimize your copy and nail those conversions.
Editing Secrets Of 6-Figure Sales Pages with Autumn Tompkins a.k.a the Grumpy Grammarian.
Autumn is the premier copy editor for copywriters. In this juicy bonus, she shares 24 editing hacks you can use to write clear,  concise, and compelling sales copy. 
Don't hit *publish* on a sales page if you've skipped gems like:

  • The ONE word that psychologists vouch will increase conversion rates in sales copy
  • How to ensure your copy passes the BFF-test
  • The two-word question to ask if you want to write compelling benefits.
  • ​And so much more!
Wireframe Like A Champ with Dani Paige 
Dani is a rockstar launch copywriter for female coaches & creatives. In this video training, she'll help you knock your clients socks off when you present a wireframed sales page (pssst: your clients will never work with another copywriter).

Writing your own sales page? Do your graphic designer a solid. Handoff a wireframed version & minimize the number of  excruciating back and forth.
Un-borify your copy. Save your launch. And boost your bottomline.
Grab This Now!
The 7 ROI Ingredients (Valued at $97)

The ROI Game Plan (Valued at $97)

How To Write: The Finale (Valued at $197)

How To Write: The Hero (Valued at $197)

How to Write: The Body (Valued at $197)
Pump It Up With Personality (Valued at $ 97)

Optimize Copy With Google Analytics (Valued at $ 97)

Editing Secrets of 6-figure sales pages (Valued at $ 97)

Wireframe Like A Champ (Valued at $ 37)

The ROI Sales Page Playbook + Swipe Files (Priceless)

Total Value = $1,113
Today’s Price = $37
tHE roi sales page is for you if...
  • You’re a new-ish copywriter under pressure to deliver a stellar sales page (and want to command the big bucks)ur products are delivered immediately
  • You’re a content marketer who wants to transition to sales page copywriting (and want to collapse the learning curve and work on juicy launch projects)Explain the benefit of your products
  • You’re a course creator, coach, or a digital marketer, and need a personality based, high-converting sales page that doesn’t look like a copycat version of your competitorsChange the icons in the settings
The ROI Sales Page Is NOT for you if...
  • You can sit down and tackle a sales page with Beyonce-level confidence (go you!)
  • You write for SAAS, e-commerce industries, and financial services.
  • ​You want a fill-in-the-blanks sales page template that you can blindly copy, paste, and hit publish

Still not convinced?

You've got 30 days to Write. Test. Sweeten the ROI

If you still can’t write a compelling sales page using the concepts and frameworks I share with you - you deserve your money back. 

If you still can’t write an original sales page using your brand voice or personality with the bonus content in this course - you deserve your money back.

If you don’t wow your clients with a badass sales page (provided you're a decent human and a joy to work with) - you deserve your money back. 

If you don’t get a single Stripe notification with your shiny new sales page (provided you’ve got lotsa human eyeballs on it a.k.a traffic) - you deserve your money back.

Simply shoot an email to Sarah at and we’ll refund you to the last cent - no hard feelings, promise.

Please note: This training DOES NOT teach you how to create
offers or generate traffic.  These are 2 must-have pillars in your sales funnel, in addition to high-converting copy!

And because you don't need to hear it from me...

I scratched my old sales page and replaced it with Amisha's copy. I couldn't even imagine the 20x return I've seen on my sales page. I've generated close to $60,000 since the new sales page went live last year. 
Creator of WordPress Rockstar & Founder of GeekPack
Get a 10x roi like larry
“I've netted over $1.3 Million in sales”
I felt the copy wasn't up to par with me, my standards, or the message I was trying to convey. 

My sales page went live in October '19. It has netted me over $1.3 million in sales - within 6 months!

And I've only opened my cart 3 times in that timespan.
Watch Me Amazon
We created a digital product for $27 - a first for us since we're hair and makeup artists. We needed a sales page that would convert. 

We used the copy from the sales page for our Facebook ads. We made $11k as a result. 
BA Makeup Company
Imagine Generating Revenues Like this... 
(Run the numbers using the calculator below)

Note: The numbers entered above for example purposes only!

Write a high-converting page once...

...and like royalty payments for a best-selling book... get paid in rich dividends over time.

Or if you’re a copywriter and want to write sales pages for online launches - get booked solid and become the most indispensable member of your client’s team. 

Un-borify your copy, save your launch & boost your bottomline.
Grab This Now!
The 7 ROI Ingredients (Valued at $97)

The ROI Game Plan (Valued at $97)

How To Write: The Finale (Valued at $197)

How To Write: The Hero (Valued at $197)

How to Write: The Body (Valued at $197)
Pump It Up With Personality (Valued at $ 97)

Optimize Copy With Google Analytics (Valued at $ 97)

Editing Secrets of 6-figure sales pages (Valued at $ 97)

Wireframe Like A Champ (Valued at $ 37)

The ROI Sales Page Playbook + Swipe Files (Priceless)

Total Value = $1,113
Today’s Price = $37
Frequently Asked Quesos 
(I mean Questions)
What if I'm a terrible writer?
You don’t need an English Literature degree to write a sales page. In fact, such a degree can actually be a handicap. 

Sales copywriting is all about getting your prospect to take action on your offers.

If you’re a marketer then chances are you’ve written copy for your business. You’re familiar with your brand and have a “voice” - you just haven’t used it to your advantage. 

Having said that, if writing comes to you easy - fantastic! But if not, NBD. 

And if you're a newish copywriter, or work on a team, and have never written a sales page - this course will help you write strong sales copy.

I’ve provided you with every framework, trick, tip, hack that has helped me write for my clients. 

Is the content available immediately?

Grab the content in the members area as soon as you complete your purchase!
What kind of offers does this work for?
Online courses, memberships, coaching & training programs. 
Is this going to be an advanced course?
Short answer? No. 

Having said that, the content isn’t something you’ll find in a Udemy course. Or in a copywriting book available on Amazon. Nothing wrong with either of them. If that’s where you prefer to start, I totally understand. 

This course doesn’t regurgitate generic, fear-based, hype-y messaging that guilt trips your prospects into buying from you. 

The concepts and frameworks in this course are what’s working in the digital marketplace today. I’ve templatized the information so it’s execution friendly. 

This is a crash course in sales page copywriting

I’ve used the content to write low ticket and high ticket offers...with solid results. And that’s my wish for you: To master proven, repeatable frameworks so you can write ANY sales page. 
Can you guarantee that I’ll make 6-figures using the content in this course?
Nope. A six-figure launch depends not only on copy but two other factors:
Strong offer: One that your market is willing to pay for. 

Traffic: Whether it’s paid or organic traffic….it’s a solid requirement for the virtual cash register to ring. You can’t write a sales page and expect people to come looking for you. You need to lead ‘em to it..a.k.a market and promote your offer. 

This course doesn’t teach you how to create and optimize your offer. Nor does it teach you traffic generation. 

I have Copy School. Do I need this?
Nope. (Nice to meet ya, I have it too)

Having said that, here's where The ROI Sales Page differs: 

Learn how and where to  inject personality
Learn 5 ninja closing techniques  (aka how to end sales pages)
Learn how Google Analytics can optimize your copy
How to use your Unique Selling Prop in a guarantee 
...And so much more.

What if I’m not creative? Or I have the personality of seaweed? 

Here’s the thing - you don’t have to be a literary genius, creative, or possess the personality of Jerry Seinfeld to write personality-based copy. 

Sure, if you’re naturally funny - it helps. 

But, personality-based copy does not mean you unleash Seinfeld jokes on your reader every chance you get. 

Remember: clear over clever. Every.Single.Time. 

Comedians hone their punchlines with constant practice. And some joke-hacks (yup!)

Similarly, copywriters use several personality hacks to punch up their copy

My bonus content: Pump Up Your Sales Page With Personality + Writing Hacks will help you. 
What if I don't like it and I want a refund?
Don’t like it? No problemo! 

I’ve put my heart, soul, and squeezed every drop of orange juice sales copy experience I’ve acquired into this course. The content here has legitimately helped me generate thousands of dollars of revenue for my clients. 

And I want this for you too! Even if it comes at the expense of creating my own competition! 

That said, if you’re not feeling it, you’re entitled to a full refund. My only hope is you’ve got a solid back-up plan to write copy for the most profitable asset of your funnel.

Can you remind what I'll get when I buy?
You get 5 video trainings, step-by-step playbook, countless examples, my best selling swipes, personality writing hacks, an editing guide, wireframing tutorial & a fluff-free video training on how to use Google Analytics to optimize your copy.
How The ROI Sales Page stacks up
Here’s a comparison table to help you decide whether you’re in or you’re out
(also because you’re so done with reading paragraphs #youarewelcome)
Un-borify your copy. Save your launch. And boost your bottomline.
Grab This Now!
The 7 ROI Ingredients (Valued at $97)

The ROI Game Plan (Valued at $97)

How To Write: The Finale (Valued at $197)

How To Write: The Hero (Valued at $197)

How to Write: The Body (Valued at $197)
Pump It Up With Personality (Valued at $ 97)

Optimize Copy With Google Analytics (Valued at $ 97)

Editing Secrets of 6-figure sales pages (Valued at $ 97)

Wireframe Like A Champ (Valued at $ 37)

The ROI Sales Page Playbook + Swipe Files (Priceless)

Total Value = $1,373
Today’s Price = $37 - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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